I had Botox on my glabella region and wanted to remove some excess hair in this area, how long should I wait?

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Combining laser hair removal with Botox treatment

For treatment of wrinkles in the glabellar region, Botox is injected deep in the body of the muscle, which is far below the skin. Hair removal lasers will reach only the depth of the skin, and so you are safe to have laser hair removal immediately without altering the results of your Botox treatment.

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I had Botox on my glabella region and wanted to remove some excess hair in this area, how long should I wait?

Botox is injected deep into the muscle, I suggest you wait at least 24 hours before any laser treatments to promote a better outcome

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Hair Removal after Botox

You do not have to wait for your hair removal treatment after botox. This can be done immediately without any effects on the botox. Good luck!

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
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Hair removal following Botox treatment of the glabella

When you've had a Botox injection, you should avoid vigorous rubbing of the area for at least 24-48 hours after the treatment. Waxing or tweezing, can cause swelling, therefore, I would wait at least that long.

Sheetal Sapra, MD
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Glabella botox and hair removal

I am assuming you are referring to laser hair removal. Botox is injected deep into the frown muscles which are below your hair follicles and deeper than the laser can penetrate. Also once the muscle is paralyzed nothing can un-paralyze it except time. Hope this helps!

Marcel Daniels, MD
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Hair removal after Botox

Your method of hair removal would be helpful to know. However most any method of hair removal should be safe starting the day after Botox was injected. Botox is injected deep into muscle, and most hair removal by laser, for example, only penetrates into the lower layer of skin (dermis) and not into muscle. Botox reaches its maximum effect around 10 days after placement.

David W. Bray, MD
Alexandria Dermatologist

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