I Had Botox Under my Eyes Two and a Half Weeks Ago. Puffy in the Morning and Left With Dark Circles?

After the treatment I had ruining and now it looks like dark circles under my eyes. In the mornings they are all puffy. How long will this realistically take to go away. I have had it done before and this never happened.

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Botox on the lower eyelid

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botulinum toxin relaxes the pump muscle action of eyelids and there can be some swelling, especially in the morning, that eases during the afternoon. If someone already has a history of lower eyelid puffiness, then we may tend not to do the botox treatment. Without the history of such, and in fact having had it without the issue, doesn't mean it can't happen. Normally it resolves itself in several weeks but can take a few months. Once the botox effect is completely gone in three to four months, there shouldn't be any residual swelling from its cause but there could be a coincidental and unrelated problem such as sinus congestion that may need to be treated.

I am not sure I can explain a cause and effect between Botox and dark circles, though.

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Botox under the eyes

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The length of time for symptoms to last under the eyes depends on the amount of Botox used. If there is lower lids laxity, then eye irritation can ensue. However, the symptoms of puffy eyes in the morning and dark circles sounds more like a form of environmental allergies than neuromodulator side effects.
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Fillers have largely replaced botox for the under eye for this reason.

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The effect of the botox for the lower eyelid is generally 4 to 6 weeks because typicaly a very small dose is used.  I have seen lower eyelid weakness last months though.  Occasionally there is increased dry eye.  Artifical tears is helpful for this.  Hang in there, thing will get better.

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