Botox in My Crows Feet and Doctor Said He Saw Small Wrinkles Under Both Eyes?

I had Botox in my crows feet and the doctor said he saw small wrinkle under both eyes. He put a small amount of Botox under my eyes and now I have bags under my eyes which I did not have before the injection. Did he do something wrong? Why do I have bags under my eyes now?

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Treatment of lower eyelid creases with Botox

Often, doctors avoid treatment of the skin right below the lower eyelid as this off-label use can help smoothen the wrinkles in that location, but it can cause a droop in those who have lost their elasticity, and others might develop bags of fluid because they may be predisposed to collecting this fluid and once the "pump" action of the lower eyelid muscle is relaxed with Botox, the fluid can accumulate because it's not being drained away. Fortunately this is temporary.

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Botox in My Crows Feet and Doctor Said He Saw Small Wrinkles Under Both Eyes?

Sounds like the Botox under the eyes may have caused some ptosis and edema retention.  This should subside.  Botox is not permanent.  Avoid that area next time.

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Bags in the lower eyelid after Botox

After the botox injection the orbicularis oculii muscle in the lower eyelid did relax and now the periorbital fat in the lower eyelid is protuding more, it is now like a small hernia. It will go away once the Botox effect goes away, usually 3-4 months after the injection

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