I Had Botox Between my Bowline, and Eyes. Now I Have Tons of Pink Little Bumps Does This Happen Lot? (photo)

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Botox and bumps

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The bumps that presented after your Botox injections would more likely be related to a topical treatment, rather than the product itself. See your provider or dermatologist for a better, in person diagnosis.

Rash after Botox

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You seem to have had an allergic reaction, which is rare for Botox. It could be some type of skin cleanser. Hydrocortisone cream or Benadryl cream would be the first thing to try but just contact your doctor and take it from there.

Bumps from Botox??

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I do not think that these bumps are from the Botox. They are likely to be related to how your face was prepped before or from what might have been applied after the treatment. They should resolve on their own but a little OTC hydrocortisone cream for only a few days should not hurt. Do not use for too long though. If it is not better in a few days see your dermatologist. Find out what was put on your face so you can avoid it. 

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I Had Botox Between my Bowline, and Eyes. Now I Have Tons of Pink Little Bumps Does This Happen Lot?

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 Bumps are most likely not related to Botox but a contact dermatitis type skin reactiuon from something topically applied to the skin.



Little pink bumps after Botox

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It appears you may have had a bit of irritation either from a numbing cream that was applied, or whatever type of anesthetic wipe or wash was rubbed onto that area prior to injection. Put a bit of cool water on that area followed by hydrocortisone cream (available at any pharmacy). You may need to apply it a few times a day for a few days. It's nothing terrible, but just a bit of contact irritation.

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