Can Micro Droplet Approach in Botox Prevent Eyebrow from Drooping?

Can someone advise with details on the mirco droplet approach to treating the brow with Botox and preventing it from dropping?

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Micro Botox lifts brows

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Micro-Botox or droplet Botox uses minute amounts of Botox to shape the brows and smooth the forehead and neck skin.  Placing these droplets of Botox into various muscles of the forehead and in the skin of the brows can contour, lift and reshape the eyebrows.  However, using either to much Botox or placement in the incorrect areas may cause the brows to fall.  Hence, it is important to evaluate the position of the brows and movement of the lid and forehead muscles prior to the placement of Botox.  Amazing results are obtained with the use of Micro- Botox.  The eyebrow shape is improved and the upper face takes on a relaxed and rejuvenated appearance.

Microdroplet placement of BOTOX-The art of BTX

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It is no wonder that BOTOX injections are the number one cosmetic treatment. Micro droplet placement of BOTOX represents the art of BOTOX, and generally reflects the surgeons underlying understanding of the facial anatomy, and that placing small amounts in certain areas can have a dramatic effect. Not all patients require this technique. The patient with very thin skin with multiple wrinkles may be an individual who this technique is used more commonly on. The trade off is more sticks, more potential for bruising. For that reason the more traditional method will always have a place.

Micro droplet will not necessarily eliminate the chance of drooping brow, but it will help decrease your chances.

Brian Maloney, MD, FACS
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 33 reviews

Brow Droop from Botox

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This is a classic question. Patients will present with moderate to significant forehead wrinkles. If the treating physician does not appreciate what is happening then problems can occur with Botox. Often patients have brow droop can thus they unconsciously fire their frontalis muscle to lift the brows. This creates the wrinkles. If the forehead is then paralyzed with Botox the brows droop creating a tired, aged look.

To prevent this I do not paralyze the lateral forehead. This allows the frontalis muscle to continue to lift the lateral eyebrows and prevent serious drooping. These patients are usually candidates for a brow lift.

Sounds like some marketing gimmick to me

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A lot of what we read and hear is geared to getting us to do something like use one doctor or group over another. Seeing as Botox is injected with small needles, it sounds "more sexy" to say "micro droplet technique." If they said: "We use small needles," it wouldn't get you to think that is the place to go, would it?

Botox injections are a matter of putting the material precisely where you want it. When this is done, problems are minimal. Take experience over gimmick and you will be right most of the time.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Botox and Eyelid Drooping

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It is not so much how the drops are put in but where they are put.  It is about knowing the anatomy and placing the botox in the right place.

As long as the botox is not placed too low when the corrugators or the muscles that cause the "I I" between the eyes, you should be okay.

Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 88 reviews

Microdroplet technique and Botox

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There are several ways ot minimize the risks of getting eye lid ptosis. Yes, using small doses is one, knowing the correct anatomy is another. Some doctors like to raise the lateral brow by injecting into the orbicularis oculi muscle just under the lateral brow. This can help raise the brow. SOmetimes too much or poor location is used, and patients get ptosis.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Can microdroplet technique prevent eyelid drooping after Botox?

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Simply put: no. Prevention of eyelid drooping depends on placing the Botox in exactly the right spot and understanding the location/anatomy of the muscles of facial expression. After that, it takes experience to make sure you get it right. Changing the type of Botox injecting technique will not eliminate the risk of drooping. Good luck.

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Botox injection technique

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I agree with Dr. Beraka. There is no proven way to absolutely ensure no lid droop from Botox injections. You can certainly reduce the risk, however, by only going to experienced injectors -- preferably board certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons -- who know the precise anatomy of the face and who place appropriate amounts of Botox in these areas. If a lid droop does occur, the experienced injector may also be able to help resolve this complication a bit faster with the use of certain eyedrops (alpha adrenergic agonists).

Jason R. Lupton, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

Botox and eyebrows

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Forget about micro droplet. The way to prevent the eyebrows from drooping with Botox is to know the anatomy and to place the Botox injections in the right spot.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

MIcrodroplet BOTOX lifts the eyebrow without freezing the forehead

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Hi Kerouc11 In contrast to standard treatment where BOTOX is injected without regard to the volume injected or the depth the agent is placed, MicrodropletTM strictly controls how BOTOX is placed. Using tiny injection voulmes, the agent is placed at a very precise depth below the skin so that the BOTOX only the target muscle. This allows a level of precision not possible with other techniques. As a results the muscles responsible for pulling the eyebrows down can be precisely targeted without fear of unwanted side effects like a droopy eyelid. Using other methods of injecting BOTOX (and now also Dysport) it is impossible to prevent the agent from drifting. This has means that it is impossible to target these particular muscles using these standard methods. So doctors targeted other muscles that could be safely treated like the frontalis muscle in the forehead. Treating this muscle does smooth the forehead lines but at the cost of causing the forehead to fall. Contrast this with a MicrodropletTM BOTOX treatment. By specifically targeting the muscles that pull the eyebrow down, no treatment needs to be placed in the frontalis muscle which is the main lifter of the eyebrows. Forehead lines are still diminished because this muscle now does not need to work as hard to elevate the eyebrows. The forehead is smoother, the eyebrows, crows feet area, and root of the nose are elevated, yet there is natural movement in the forehead. This treatment is extremely popular with working actors as you can imagine.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 26 reviews

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