Will Lip and Botox Injections Cost Less for Repeat Treatments?

I had lip injections with Juvederm Ultra & Botox in my forehead. Dr never told me to use muscles or to massage lips. I paid over $1000 & really feel I didn't get results. I am going to a new Dr.

Should I expect to pay $1000 again or do Drs just ADD more product on top of what's still there from before? It has been about 3 weeks.

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Start All Over Again

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Certainly, after three years the effects of both the Botox and Juvederm Ultra would have dissipated. You will have to start from scratch.

Do not kick yourself or blame your initial injecting physician, messaging the lips is generally not recomended. Sure, we do tell our patients to make facial expressions to disperse the Botox into the intended muscles. However, this is not at all crucial and you would have had the same basic result.

Good luck next time and I hope you are more pleased with your results

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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