Why would botox last so much longer on my 11's than on my forehead? Is this the norm?

Got my first botox treatment in Aug and am wondering if it is supposed to work equally in all locations.

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Duration of Botox effect

The effective duration of Botox will be affected by how strong the muscle is, and the dose of Botox it is treated with. The frontalis (forehead) and corrugator (frown) muscles have different shapes/thicknesses, so it is not uncommon for the duration of Botox activity to be slightly different.

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Why would botox last so much longer on my 11's than on my forehead? Is this the norm?

It would be helpful knowing how many units of Botox were applied to the glabella area , If your treatment was in August the effects of Botox should barley start wearing off which is the normal lifespan of Botox

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Botox Lasted Longer in Forehead

Generally, a much smaller dose of Botox is injected into the forehead to prevent dropping the brow. This along with the time span that Botox lasts, 3 to 4 months, may be the reason that you are seeing forehead movement. Also, by nature you may have a more active forehead than glabellar.

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Why would Botox have a longer acting effect in some areas over others?

The short answer is that a longer lasting Botox effect is most likely do to a larger number of units being placed in that injection area. It is definitely related to a higher relative dose.

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typically Doctors place small amounts in the forehead so as not to drop the brow that could explain most of what you see. But as always ask your doctor.

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Does Botox work equally in all areas

If you got your first treatment in August, the effects should be wearing off about now, as that's within the 3-4 month timeframe. Because more units are used in specific muscle areas, like the glabella (11's), it can last longer there. Remember that this was the first time you got Botox, so when you go back for your next treatment, talk to your injector about where and how it lasted so some changes can be made with injection points or amounts for better results overall.

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Why Botox lasts longer on some areas and not others?

It would be important to know the details of the Botox treatment to your 11's and your forehead. The dose used to each area would be important as well as knowing exactly where it was injected. Both of these factors could alter the longevity of the Botox effect. It is possible that you may need a higher dose for your forehead to give you a longer lasting effect.

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