Irreversible Brain Damage from Botox?

I've read an article stating "Botox May Cause Irreversible Brain Damage." What is your take on this article? Any idea who did this study? I was thinking about Botox to avoid the "angry brow," but I have two or maybe three veins that run through it and up my forehead. Can I still get it? I don't want it injected into my veins, let alone brain damage!

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Suspect it can happen to rats more frequently than we assume...

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on the other hand, seems perfectly safe for humans as millions and millions of people in the United States and elsewhere can testify...with the doses used in cosmetic treatments, it seems much safer than driving in a car, eating a salad or going to a movie...lots to worry about in life, but botox potentially causing brain damage isn't one of them

Las Vegas Dermatologist

Botox used for cosmetic applications is safe

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The article you reference, I believe is a rat study done in Italy with much larger doses and a different technique than is done for cosmetic use in adults. There have been millions (i believe about 12 million) cosmetic treatments using Botox and no "brain damage" reports. Botox cosmetic has a long history of safety.

Botox injections for the typical "angry brow" are injected directly into the muscle.

John E. Gross, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Botox may travel backwards to the brain but effects are not clearly understood

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It is unlikely that the individual will inject into the vein if they use proper injection technique.

In regards to the study, this was an animal study that showed very small amounts of Botox can be taken up by nerves and travel backwards to the brain. The effects of the Botox on the brain was postulated and projected to humans.

The true long term effects and consequences of Botox injections remain poorly understood but generally safe given the numbers of individuals that have been injected.

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