Botox inside the mouth?

I had botox done on the inside of my bottom and top lip about 3 weeks ago. I have 4 little bumps (I'm assuming the injection sites) now. The do not seem to be going away. Is this normal?

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Bumps after botox inside the mouth

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Hi Nikita_G,

First, are you sure you had botox and not fillers as fillers can cause bumps but it is very unlikely for botox. Even if they are blood clots they will surely have resolved by now. 
Another possible cause for the bumps is mucus cyst or mucocele.

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Bumps from Botox?

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You should not have bumps from Botox as this would not leave bumps. Two things that I can think of. One, they were always there and you just looked now or two, they are little blood clots from the injection site. Bleeding can occur and is usually dissolved by three weeks but possible that it is still there.

Jo Herzog, MD
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