Who Can Inject Botox in Texas?

I think nurse practioners and PA's can inject Botox in Texas, but what about RN's, or even trained office staff?

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Who can inject BOTOX?

I agree with Dr. Hacker. Only a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon can give you the best and safest outcome from BOTOX, fillers etc. While there are many people injecting all sorts of things out there with insufficient training and expertise, you really do get what you pay for. I have seen far too many bad outcomes & legal cases surrounding untrained or poorly trained people performing things that a specialist should be performing.

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Who can inject Botox

As a dermatologist , I am biased.

The two specialists that I would only send my family or friends to for Botox treatment would be either a board certified dermatologist or a board certified plastic surgeon.

We do not allow our ARNP (nurse practitioner) to perform Botox injections.

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