Location of Botox Injection for Smokers Lines?

Exactly where in the lips or lip area is Botox injected for smokers lines?

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Don't worry, your doctor will know

The best way to make sure the Botox goes into the right spot is to go to a doctor who is experienced and appropriately board certified. There are a lot of shady doctors out there who pretend they are dermatologists or plastic surgeons. There are even dental hygienists and aestheticians trying their hand at these medical procedures. In the end, it is YOUR responsibility to do your homework to get good results.

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Botox for Smoker's Lines in the Lips

Hi Lisa,

For "smoker's" or "bar code" lines Botox is injected into the mid-portion of the vertical line, relatively superficial, in a threading fashion to spread it over the lines.

Only 1 to 2 unit(s) should be injected in each lip quadrant.

Pucker up and be well.

Dr. P

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Smoker's Lipstick bleed lines

Many women are discouraged when they first see "lipstick bleed lines", which are the lines which extend radially from the vermillion border of the lip onto the flesh colored lip. You can "map" these out by puckering up, such as you would do upon kissing, playing the saxophone or smoking. These are what most people call
"smoker's lines" and reflects the action of the underlying muscle on the lip skin. The lip muscle is a sphincter and its imprint is often imparted onto the lip, in th form of a wrinkle.

Botox can be injected, in very small doses into the radial lip lines to "disconnect" the muscle's influence on the skin. The action may not last as long as other areas of the face because the doses used are generally smaller. Its a necessary trade off because the activity of the lip muscles should not be overly compromised. In addition to injecting Botox, some injectors will also augment the wrinkles with small amounts of hyaluronic acid, (Juvederm or Restylane). Most agree that the combination of Botox and fillers works better than the separate components.

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