How Does a Botox Injection Compare to Jaw Shaving for a Jaw Reduction?

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Botox injection will weaken and thin the masseter muscle over time. Drilling the bone actually reduces the size of the angle of the mandible (jaw bone) and leads to some scar tissue of the area.

Botox results will be more modest but has much less downtime. It will take months though to see the results.

The surgery is more direct and thus the results will be greater after swelling and edema resolves.

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Botox for jaw shaping vs surgery

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you need to see a board certified plastic or oral-maxillofacial plastic surgeon to determine your candidacy for jaw surgery which if done, reshapens the mandible.  Botox may decrease thick masseter muscles and has been used along the neck below the jaw to make a flatter jaw by lifting the jowl after relaxing the depressor effect of the platysma neck muscles. This is not always effective and a facelift might be what you need.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox v jaw shaving

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Apples and oranges! Jaw surgery reduces the projection of the bone and Botox works on the musculature. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon to present your situation and discuss treatment options.

Botox vs Jaw Shaving

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Botox is meant for muscles, and jaw shaving has to do with bone. You need to visit an experienced facial plastic surgeon to determine what is your cause for concern and how best to treat it. But these two procedures are not comparable as they are treating two different sources.

Botox is excellent at reducing a jawline from prominent jaw muscles

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Botox is excellent at reducing a jawline from prominent jaw muscles.  You need to be examined to see what is the cause of your prominent jaw.  If you have large masseter muscles (jaw muscles), Botox is an excellent non-surgical technique to improve your jawline.  Please visit my or to see learn more.  Warmest regards.

Dr. Pippin

Gregory Pippin, MD
Metairie Facial Plastic Surgeon

Botox injections

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Botox injections do not compare to a jaw shaving or jaw reduction. Botox is administered via tiny injections directly into the muscles blocking a release of chemicals that would otherwise allow those muscles to contract. Botox has nothing to do with bone or the reduction of any bone. For more information regarding Botox you can go to Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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