Botox injection caused unbalanced face over 7months

I had botox injection 7 months ago for my face muscles next to the jawbone to reach a smaller looking face. However, it was such a failure. the dimple of left cheek disappeared for 4 months. and my month and face is skew when i smiled. now the dimple of my left cheek came back; but still I have a super unbalanced face even when i m not smile. 1 side is a lot bigger than the other. I am very worried about it. Will I be looking like this for my entire life?what can i do to fix this??? please help.

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I wish we had before and after photos to understand whats going on.  But important thing is to follow up with your doctor. The options are wait and do facial muscle exercise to get the muscle bulk back or do small amount of botox to improve the balance of the face. The dimple disappeared  possibly because of weakness of Zygomaticus muscle that will recover as botox effect wears off. If the botox is given in the lower part of masseter then the facial muscles are spared.

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Imbalance after Botox

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This problem is pretty complex but I will give you my thoughts.  When doing simple things like forehead or frown or crows Botox is simple. Botox is simple for underarm, or palm, or foot hyperhydrosis (wetness).  BOTOX for facial asymmetry or reduction - balance is NOT SIMPLE.   Patients I see who want masseter reduction or correction of asymmetry,  I see once every two weeks for 6 or 8 visits.  I use tiny amounts of Botox and slowly work to correction.  I have many Bell's Palsy patients and stroke patients that I have greatly helped.   I have many patients that had broad lower faces that have had pleasing results.  The story of success depends on the patients willingness to commit to the many visits along with the associated expense and time of many visits.     It is not easy to attain symmetry in a paralysis patient but with many visits I can get them much better.   Both the doctor and patient learn what it takes to attain symmetry.  Every patient is different.  These are NOT SIMPLE BOTOX TREATMENTS.   This is a real combination of learning, science, and art.   Hope this helps.  My Best.  Dr C

Botox and unbalanced face

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Botox is great when used in areas of facial expression like the forehead and eye wrinkles.  However, when Botox is used in other areas of her face which are "off-label" the results are much less predictable.  I would return to your treating physician for analysis and correction.  

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