botox injection caused unbalanced face

I had botox injection 7months ago for my facial muscle next to the jawbone to reach a smaller looking face. However, it was such a failure. the dimple of left cheek disappeared for 4months. my mouth and face is skew when i smiled. now the dimple of my left cheek came back; but still I have a super unbalanced face even when i don't smile.1 side is a lot bigger than the other. I am very worried about it. Will I be looking like this for my entire life?what can i do to fix this??? please help.

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Botox and facial asymetry

Botox injections can help with facial asymetry and at times cause facial asymetry.  However, after 7 months, there should not be any Botox left in the area.  Since you are seeing an "unbalanced face" I suggest you consult a board certified plastic surgeon to see what correction may be necessary.

Botox asymmetry

if you have asymmetry in your face and it lasts over 7 months unlikely due to Botox as that only lasts 3-4 months. I would suggest you discuss with your cosmetic surgeon other causes and treatments.
Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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