Can Botox Be Injected into the Scalp for Phn Head Pain & Also on Neck?

My Mother has suffered from phn for 6 years now & no one seems to know how to help her anymore. She currently has a pain pump but I believe the lead doesn't reach far enough up her spine to the area of her pain. She is affected on the right side of her head, ear & neck & the lead only goes up to the middle of the back of her neck. She's gone through nerve stimulator's twice, medications, nerve blocks etc... & nothing has helped. What can we do? She's desperate! Please Help, Anyone, any ideas?

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Botox For Head & Neck Pain

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Botox has been FDA approved to help relieve pain in areas such as the head and neck to relieve discomfort when coming from something such as migraines. I would recommend that your mother schedule a consult with her/a neurologist to talk about alternative options such as Botox and make sure that her insurance covers something like that before proceeding with it. “Dr. D”

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Botox and pain

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It seems that your mother may need to get further opinions on her treatment plan, to help manage her pain more effectively. Botox is used in certain situations, however this would be discussed between a neurologist and her.

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