Botox in Naso Labial Area, Is It Realistic to Expect Same Results Each Time?

6 months ago my dermatologist put a tiny amount of Botox into the top of the naso-labial folds because my smile creates an extra "bulge" line in my cheeks. It looked great and even the droop in my nose tip when smiling seemed less pronounced. However, I am scared to repeat the experiment in case this time it affects my smile or mouth movement. Your thoughts, please? Do you think I just got lucky last time? Could the effect of Botox here be unpredictable/disastrous?

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Off-label use of Botox in nasolabial areas

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Some cosmetic treatment can provide a very  nice result, but should a complication occur, which can happen even to a very skilled Botox injector, the results can be extremely bothersome to you for up to four months. The same experienced injector is probably using not a high volume dilution, using small number of units, and precise placement but the next treatment might just be a little off and you could develop an asymmetric smile, drooped upper lip, difficulty brushing teeth, saying certain letters and opening your mouth wide to eat without having your upper lip getting in the way. This probably wouldn't happen if you revisited the same excellent doctor who performed your last treatment, but no one can guarantee you wouldn't get an undesired result with one of the subsequent treatments.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Your Botox History is on Your Side

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Hi Kadinsky.  Because you are going to the same injector, it's likely you will get the same results.  Most of the risk when it comes to a new procedure is the first time it's performed so if there was going to be an unintended outcome for this treatment it's likely it would have happened on the first try.

Our recommendation would be to move forward with the same injection again if you were happy with the results.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox in Naso Labial Area, Is It Realistic to Expect Same Results Each Time?

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I have used Botox for over 20 years and like all plastic and cosmetic's use is an art, not cook book. If you go slow and use a conservative amount of Botox, in this area, it should be relatively safe but as you already understand...this use is off label and unusual and as such does carry risks of weakening the upper lip and midface.  There is no real way to be sure, you'll get the exact results each and every time but you would hope that they'd be similar.

Botox and nasolabial area

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I routinely use botox in the nasolabial area and have gotten good, consistent, results in relaxing the nasalis muscle.  You do not need to consider treating this area as experimental.  As long as your physician injects the same dosage of Botox into the same area,  you should get similar results in the future.

Go ahead and do the Botox again.

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It sounds like you are being treated by a skilled Botox injector.  Even though the results may vary slightly from treatment to treatment, if you had a good result do it again.  One good thing about Botox is all bad results fix themselves in 3 to 4 months.

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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Worry from Botox

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If you have reservations about additional treatment, don't be hesitant to bring this up with your dermatologist (or any other concerns for that matter).  As you can see, Botox in the right hands can do fantastic things, and if you had a good experience last time, I think you should continue.

Dornechia George Carter, MD
Dallas Dermatologist

In expert hands, BOTOX treatments are reliable.

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No treatment is exactly like another treatment.  One the other hand, they are pretty close.  If you are working with an experienced injector, I think you can relax have have the treatment again especially if you like the results of the service.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Fear of Botox

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I'm glad that you had an excellent result.  That being the case, you shouldn't hesitate to return. Perhaps if you could articulate exactly what you are afraid of, your dermatologist or plastic surgeon could assuage this concern.  Botox, when injected by an experienced medical professional, does extremely well, as you have seen firsthand.

Botox in NLF Area

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This largely depends on the injector and his/her experience. I have seen very bad results from poor injectors doing this area, and if something happens there's not a lot to do other than wait for the Botox to wear off. If you were comfortable with your last treatment and injector, I wouldn't be too afraid to go back. Express your concerns and satisfaction with your initial treatment, and ask the injector his or her thoughts for repeat injections. Very experienced injectors shouldn't have a problem with this area, but I do not recommend this injection site for less experienced injectors.

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