Botox in Forehead, Glabella and Crow's Feet.

Today I received botox in my forhead, glabella and crow's feat. The doctor also injected some botox above my eyebrows on both sides (where you see a red point in the picture). Is this a normal place to inject? I'm really scared of ptosis of the eyebrow/eyelid.

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Botox Injections in the Outer Orbicularis

Botox is a neuromodulator which helps to relax the muscles it is injected in. Botox can be injected into the outer Orbicularis Oculi which is a depressor of the eye brow. Outer Orbicularis Botox Injections can help decrease the downward force on the outer eye brow which in turn lifts the brow. It is beneficial in brow shaping with Botox and an advanced technique that is safe and effective.

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Botox injection technique

Injection in that area will not cause eyelid ptosis, so don't fret about that.  I can't see the "red point", but the lateral brow is a normal place to inject.  If you went with an experienced injector, I wouldn't worry about it.  That injection will likely give you a little extra "lift" and not ptosis.  

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Botox in Forehead, Glabella and Crow's Feet.

 Injecting Botox immediately above the eyebrows can cause them to drop, however if injected within the tail, of the eyebrow, this will weaken the muscles that depress the briws giving them an elevation.

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Botox on lateral brow


It is not bad practice to inject Botox in the lateral brow we use it all the time to correct what is called the Spock look.

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Botox in Forehead, Glabella and Crow's Feet

If you went to an experienced, expert injector I think you have little to worry about.  Although I cannot see the red spot in your photo, Botox is often injected above the lateral brow to give a slight brow lift.  If overdone, it can create an unnatural "Spock" look, but this can usually be corrected if needed.  From your picture it appears that you do not have many wrinkles to begin with, so you should be quite happy in a week or so.

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Botox injection sites

I understand your concern for ptosis. It is difficult to see the areas of injection from your picture. It is best to wait the full two weeks, and make corrections at that point should it occur. Best of luck.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Sorry can't see the red dot on the picture...

but it's not uncommon to inject botox above the almost any location depending on individual needs...assuming you're seeing an experienced doctor, there's no need to worry...ptosis is always a potential problem with botox but one that's relatively rare and if it does occur, it's only temporary and sometimes may be corrected with an eye drop...from the look of your photo I think you'll have a good response to botox since your skin isn't very wrinkled to begin with...good luck

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Botox above the eyebrows

I can't actually see where your "red dot" is in the photo, but it was probably injected to give you a little "Botox brow lift" if it was injected just above the eyebrow hair near your natural arch.  The aim of Botox injection here is to relax the fibers of the orbicularis oculi that are responsible for pulling your eyebrow DOWN.  relaxing these fibers lets the eyebrow drift upward, accomplishing in many patients a few millimeters of eyebrow lift.  It is a very routine place to inject.   

Dara Liotta, MD
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It takes 3-7 days for Botox to start working and a full 7-10 to fully take effect.  Everyone has different muscle movements.  It is impossible to say if this placement is incorrect.  Only time will tell. 


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