Can botox help with the residual effects (upper lip/lip uneveness) of Bell's Palsy?

I suffered from Bell's Palsy shortly after the birth of my second child. The case was severe, however, I'm now 80% recovered. Was looking into botox and/or fillers to help alleviate the uneven appearance of the upper lip and chin. And was looking for a doctor in Southern California who was familiar with Bell's Palsy. Thanks!

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Can botox help with the residual effects (upper lip/lip uneveness) of Bell's Palsy?

Botox and fillers can help with asymmetry due to Bell’s Palsy, I suggest you seek a reputable and very experienced injector 

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Botox Effective Method For Improving Effects of Bell's Palsy

I regularly use Botox to help my Bell's palsy patients in Los Angeles regain facial symmetry. It is a safe and effective way to improve appearance when performed by an expert. In a select number of patients, there may also be surgical treatments that complement Botox in helping patients regain their smile. Contact my office, The Facial Paralysis Institute, at(310) 657-2203 and we'd be happy to discuss this with you.

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Can botox help with the residual effects (upper lip/lip uneveness) of Bell Palsy?

Botox is very effective for asymmetry resulting from Bell Palsy as well as treatment of the spasticity in the facial muscles that sometimes results from Bell Palsy. Dermal filler can be helpful in some cases of asymmetry where the additional volume can improve symmetry.

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Selective Botox for improving symmetry after Bell's palsy

In experienced hands, a combination of Botox and fillers can greatly improve symmetry after Bell's Palsy. Selective neuromodulation with Botox can improve the dynamic and static symmetry of your upper lip and smile, as well as soften the appearance of your chin. It is also very effective at addressing synkinetic movements (for example, involuntary eye closure while smiling).

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Botox and Bell's Palsy

Yes, it can help with what you are experiencing, but you need to see an extremely experienced physician injector. The reason that I say this is because at some point the Bell's Palsy effects should entirely resolve and you won't want to now have a different type of unevenness from injections you did to counter another problem.

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