I Just Had Botox for the First Time for Crows Feet. The Overall Result is Good, but my Left Eye Looks Smaller Now?

I just had Botox for the first time for crows feet. The overall result is good, however my left eye is tensing and so appears my smaller than my right eye which is not. So instead of having to big eyes, which is my best facial feature - - I now look like I have one big eye. It looks like something is wrong with my face. Will this resolve by itself? Do I have to tug on that skin below the eye to get it to stop (not really working)...suggestions?

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Complication of botox making one eye smaller

There may be nothing bad about  your treatment other than the Botox being injected differently one side vs. the other. It might be equalized by seeing your doctor. Please contact your doctor for evalutation.




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Botox around the eyes.

It may that a muscle in one eye responded more to the botox than the corresponding muscle to the other eye. Do not try to correct the issue on your own, but do contact your injector to have him/her evaluate.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Eye appears smaller after Botox

It sounds like one of the muscles in your left eye reacted more to the Botox than the same muscle on the other side, which is what is making your eye appear smaller. The good news about Botox is that it only lasts for 3-4 months. Usually small amounts of Botox are used for the crow's feet area, so the muscle should start working again sooner than that. You can always return to your injector for an evaluation. And no, don't tug on the area - that's not going to help!

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Botox and eye look

Without an exam it is hard to say what is the issue.  The eye shape appearance may change a bit with the change in motion around the eye and possibly the elevation of tissue laterally. An exam is critical

Steven Wallach, MD
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