Botox for the Nose. when I Flex and Pull Down my Nose Can Botox Paralyze It into That Position?

i have found research about nose job alternatives which allowes the use of dermal fillers to create volume to assymetrical minor problems in the nose. I was wondering if the use of botox could be used for other problems, botox relaxes muslces, when i flex and pull down my nose i can feel the muscles being used, and i highly like my nose in this position, can botox be used to paralise it into this shape :-) i dont see why not considering botox is used in the facial muscles!

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Flexing Nose and Liking Position - Botox?

    Pictures and/or an exam would be needed to determine your desires.  If you like the look of nose after pulling the nose down, use of Botox can prevent the downward pull of the nasal depressor septi but cannot make the action stronger.  Kenneth Hughes, MD rhinoplasty Los Angeles, CA

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