Botox for (Tension or Migraine) Headache?

Hello all my problem is from couple years I have some like tension headatache or migraine my doctor is not very sure because the simptoms are very different. My opinion is that I have chronic tension headtache because I have daily attack and I feel very strong pressure in my forehead around the eyebrows, I feel too numbless and spasm in my muscles around the head, I want to try with botox but I am not sure.I have scare from some side efffects,what you think about this to do it or not? Thanks

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Botox for headaches

Many of my patients having botox over the last two decades, have commented that their headaches are better once they started to have cosmetic Botox. However, I am not a neurologist and do not treat headaches with Botox. There may be many different trigger points for different types of headaches and your headaches may respond well or not at all to Botox treatment. See a neurologist.



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Botulinum toxin for tension headaches

Great question!

Many clinicians have patients who happily report that their botulinum toxin injections cause a reduction in tension headaches and you may find that your headaches improve with the injections. However, there's no guarantee and I recommend that you see a headache specialist because it sounds as though your headaches are quite troublesome. There may be another reason for your headaches and it's always safer to get an expert opinion than to self-diagnose or self-treat.

A review of medical studies looking at the effect of botulinum toxin on headaches was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It reported that "Botulinum toxin A compared with placebo was associated with a small to modest benefit for chronic daily headaches and chronic migraines but was not associated with fewer episodic migraine or chronic tension-type headaches per month."

Most patients who report that the botulinum toxin reduces their tension headaches find that the improvement is only temporary, and that their tension headaches recur when the botulinum toxin wears off, and go away again when they have more botulinum toxin.

Jill Tomlinson, MBBS, FRACS
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Botox for headaches

It is important to see a neurologist to determine exactly the cause of your headaches and devise an appropriate treatment course.  That being said, I have had many patients seeking cosmetic improvement have significant reduction and elimination of their headaches after treatment with Botox.

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Botox for (Tension or Migraine) Headache?

Botox can work for both migraine and chronic tension headaches.

Bahman Guyuron, MD

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Botox Improves Some Migraines

Check with your Neurologist first for definitive diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  That being said, we have used Botox successfully in our practice for patients with migraines.

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Botox for headaches

We have had many patients who receive relief from migraines as a result of a botox injection. Prior to treatment, I concur with Dr. Harris that you should consult with a headache specialist to try to determine the cause and if there is a better option for you. 

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Botox for headaches

I have had patients receive Botox for cosmetic reasons, who have received the added benefit of decreased frontal headaches.  However, an injection specifically for headache is the realm of a headache specialist, generally a neurologist.  I would recommend seeing a neurologist with this expertise for a consultation.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
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