30 Injections of Botox For Migraines. No Feeling In Forehead and Eyelids Droop?

i recently had 30 injections for chronic migraines in my neck, scalp and forehead. i have now found after a week, that i still do not have feeling in my forehead and it has caused my eyelids to become droopy. I also have noticed extreme fatigue. are these side effects normal for that amount of injections? will the forehead numbness wear off so my eyelids return to normal?

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Forehead numbness and botox

Botox does not affect the sensory nerves. It relaxes muscle by inhibiting communication from the motor (movement) nerves that signal the muscles to contract.  Sensory problems might occur by physical irritation of the sensory nerves by the injection technique. This should be temporary.



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30 Injections of Botox For Migraines. Week Later, No Feeling In My Forehead and Eyelids Droopy?

 Droopy eyelids following Botox to the forehead occurs when the Botox is injected too close to the eyebrows.  The eyebrows drop and the upper lids appear droopy.  Botox does not affect the sensory nerves so it can't cause numbness.

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No feeling in forehead

No feeling in your forehead is not a typical side effect. I would recommend that you be evaluated by your surgeon or a dermatologist.

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