Botox for Jawline Reduction?

I'm an Asian female who has round face. I've had botox injection 4 or 5 times already and had good results. I'd like to know how much it will be per unit.

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Botox Pricing Can Vary

Botox is priced differently depending on the office. For example, at my practice, Cape Fear Aesthetics, we do not charge by the unit; we like to charge by the area so everyone gets exactly what they need. I would recommend having a consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon in your area. That way you can discuss the procedure and figure out how they charge.


Botox for jaw line reduction may use more units than a typical area does. For example, at my practice we also do Botox injections for hyperhydrosis. However, it is not charged as one area, but many because of the amount of Botox it takes to achieve the desired result. “Dr. D”

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Botox cost per unit


Thank you for the question. Botox is priced per unit and ranges from 6-12 dollars per unit in most cases although this can vary based on area and surgeon/spa.  You will then have to figure out how many units you've received on previous treatments and if this amount will be continued.

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Botox and pricing

Without assessing your area of need and how many units you may require, it's hard to put a price on the treatment. Our office gives a competitive discount when you use 30 units or greater.

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Botox for jawline reduction

I typically use 50 units for the jawline, and thus the cost at my office is $550. Different offices have different pricing structures, as do different areas of the country. But I'd expect that you should be in the $500 and up range, assuming you are seeing a board-certified injector for your treatments.

Botox cost

The cost of Botox is going to vary from doctor to doctor.  Since you've already had the jaw area treated before, that would be a good indication of an approximate cost.  

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