Botox for Flickering Eyelid Has Caused Vision Problems- Options?

Two weeks ago I had some botox to cure a mild case of myokymia (very slight eye twitch that had lasted for about five years). Although my eye has ceased twitching I am now experiencing some focus issues which is making me feel a little disorientated especially at long distance. I had the injections around the top of the cheek bones in the UK's national health system and I have now moved back to the US, so it's difficult to get feedback from my original doctor. Thanks for your help.

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Botox for eyelid twitch

if your vision is affected, any ophthalmologist should be able to examine you and determine the cause.  It might be a mild case of double vision, or it could be a lack of the muscle pump action of the lower eyelid which might increase the build up of mucus in the eye. This should not be permanent if it was caused by the Botox. Of course, it may be a coincidence.  Hopefully the twitch will not recur after this treatment of Botox wears off and you won't have to worry about the symptoms recurring if it was related to the Botox.

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Botox for twitching

Botox was initially used for twitching disorders and cosmetic uses were incidentally discovered. That said, myokymia of the eyelid muscles is usually an annoying but minimal problem. It rarely needs boox and the amount of toxin used to treat it is minimal compared to blepharospasm and other twitching disorders. And it is very uncommon for small amounts of botox administered for myokymia in the upper cheek to affect vision. Vision changes can occur for many reasons and an exam is the next best step. Also, remember the botox will wear Off in a few months

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Botox for Flickering Eyelid Has Caused Vision Problems- Options?

You should be seen, examined and evaluted by an eye doctor to ascertain the vision problems.  This may or may not be associated with the Botox injections.

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