Will Botox for Facial Hyperhidrosis Have the Same Muscle Relaxing Effect As It Does when Used for Wrinkles?

I have an appointment to get it done as my sweating is excessive, but as I'm only 21 it's a bit early to start paralysing my face.

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Yes - it might have the same effect

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botox for hyperhidrosis can have the same effect on the frontalis muscle of the forehead.  I would recommend they apply the botox high up on the forehead to decrease sweating while minimally affecting the movement of your eyebrows.  Also, ask to have a low dose applied then wait 2 weeks before an additional treatment - that will ensure you don't have any side-effects.

Walnut Creek Dermatologic Surgeon

Facial hyperhidrosis and Botox

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Thank you for your question. Botox is a very effective treatment for hyperhidrosis (armpit, hands, feet, scalp/face, etc). For the face, the treatment is usually focused on the perimeter of the scalp.  You may notice some smoothing of the forehead lines.  Other facial muscles are usually not affected.  I would make sure you go to an experienced board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who can help develop a treatment plan for your concerns.

Botox for facial Hyperhidrosis

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Yes, Botox is not selective. But the hyperhydrosis effect will last much longer than the facial paralysis effect.  It would be the trade off you would need to discuss with your physician prior to treatment.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Facial botox for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) can weaken the facial muscles

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yes, the Botox injected in the face to decrease sweating can certainly diffuse to the underlying nerve muscle junctions and relax your facial expressions which can cause drooping of the forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids, and mouth area. Depending on which sites are injected it could create problems with smiling, eating and brushing your teeth. This off-label use for hyperhidrosis should only be done by an expert if done on your face, but you should still be leary as no one can guarantee you won't get relaxed facial muscles.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Will Botox for Facial Hyperhidrosis Have the Same Muscle Relaxing Effect As It Does when Used for Wrinkles?

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Botox is injected into the muscle, that is how the paralysis is achieved.  So whether you are having injections for muscle paralysis for wrinkle correction or other off label reasons the results will be the same (muscle paralysis).

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Botox for facial hyperhidrosis

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The main question is if you have true clinical hyperhidrosis and what evaluation and treatments you've had so far. Is the sweating related to eating or chewing (gustatory sweating)? have you had any facial surgery such as parotid gland removal? is the sweating on one side only or generalized over the entire face? Although Botox does not have FDA clearance for treatment of facial hyperhidrosis, it is occasionally used for treatment of gustatory sweating. Botox will attenuate muscle contraction regardless of the indication for use. There is no evidence of a complications or side effect with judicious and thoughtful use of Botox long term.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

Botox for Facial Hyperhydrosis

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Botox for facial hyperhidrosis can have the same effect as Botox for cosmetic reasons, but it depends truly on where you are injecting it. If it's across your forehead that you're being injected, then yes, even though a lower dosage will be used for the sweating, you may see some muscle relaxing occur too. Remember that Botox doesn't  have to be "paralyzing", but merely smoothing. I try to inject my patients so that they still have a good amount of facial expression and movement, but without the lines and wrinkles.

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