Botox for Constant Forehead Movement Because of Tourette's?

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Botox for forehead

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If you haven't had a consult with a reputable provider, I would do that first. It is unclear by your post the details and whether or not you have static versus dynamic lines, what your expectations are, and what you do and don't know about Botox.

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Botox for uncontrollable muscle movements

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This is something that neurologists do with therapeutic Botox injections and if they are experienced with it, or have done so in the past, this may be something that a neurologist should offer to you and it should be covered by medical insurance as it is not cosmetic.

Forehead Movements and Control with Botox

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   The muscles of the forehead can be controlled with Botox, and this may be reasonable.  Your neurologist could inject this for you or refer you to a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Botox for medical diseases

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You would need clearance from your neurologist.  As long as they say its safe, then you would need a great Botox provider with lots of experience to see what it would do for you.  You can always get more than one opinion before proceeding. 

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