Can Botox be Used to Help with Chest Muscles Deformity?

I had breast implants before and had them removed almost a year ago one of the reasons because of chest muscle deformity when flexing the muscle, but the problem still there even without implants. I would like to know if botox can be injected into the chest muscles to minimize the deformity when contracting the muscle? how much botox would be needed? How long should the effects last? Any doctor in the Massachusetts area who would do this? thank you

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Be cautious with botox treatment of chest muscles

Botox treatment in the chest muscle may require hundreds of units and it may cause functional problems with opening doors,  pushing off with your arm from a chair or bed to stand up. it may not correct the problem you have.

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Can Botox be Used to Help with Chest Muscles Deformity?

 There are reports of Botox being used to decreased hypertrophied muscles, so technically this could be attempted.  You might want to see a thoracic surgeon to discuss this possibility.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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