Botox Under Eye Caused More Wrinkles? (photo)

I had BOTOX injected under my eyes for 1 or 2 very fine static lines on the 19th Dec, I'm 26. They could only be seen in a magnifying mirror but my doctor said that it was best to treat now! The result is awful and has not improved, I now have a deep pouch looking wrinkles & a deep tear trough wrinkle under my left eye when I smile. I also noticed slight sagging of the cheek! will this go away? I have zero confidence since this happened - the pics don't even show how bad this is in person!

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Botox and wrinkles under the eye

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Dependent upon injection placement, technique, and amount used, under eye wrinkles can be treated effectively. Often when relaxing the muscle, you need to follow up with the provider to see if you may need more product to help with any "shelfing" or persistent wrinkles. Botox isn't intended to last 6 months - typically 3 to 4.

Botox under eyes to treat wrinkles

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First, Botox is temporary, so it will go away. If your treatment was December 19th, that's a long time ago and you should be nearing the end of seeing anything from the Botox. Botox is not permanent and it lasts 3-6 months. One issue with treating under eye wrinkles with Botox is that you can't get too near the orbital rim because you don't want temporary paralysis of that area. So if you treat lower, you might make it look like one area has no wrinkles and the area above it, closer to the rim that can't be treated (like yours), can look worse. The Botox didn't give you more wrinkles. But it intensified the look of the area closer to the eye rim because the area under it is no longer moving. It will go away (soon!) and will return to what it was before.

Botox for under eyes lines

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Unfortunately, I have seen this unwanted effect when Botox was injected into the lower eyelid.  Some patients do very well and have the desired effect of a wider, more open eye, however others can get that "pouch" effect under the eye. This area tends to be more unpredictable than other sites and dose, anatomy, and placement are very important.  The good news is that this effect from your Botox will resolve in 3-5 months. Remember to tell your injector about this effect so this will not happen in the future. 

More wrinkles under eyes since Botox

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Without knowing the details of the Botox treatment you had under your eyes, it's difficult to say why you may have seen more wrinkles under your eyes after the treatment.  Whatever effect you had from the Botox will go completely away after 3-6 months, so your appearance should return to your pre-treatment look very soon.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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