Will Botox Really Elevate the Lateral Brow?

I am only 45 and thought I would save surgery for when I am older if something like Botox would actually "lift" my brow a bit an not just remove the 11's

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Botox can lift the brows, absolutely.

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Botox and Dysport are very effective at giving a little "lift" to the tail end of the eyebrows with correct amount and an experienced injector. It complements the frown line treatment as well as patients who have their outer eyes done with Botox. It is very easy to do, if your injector clearly understands the anatomy of the face and what is happening with the muscles when Botox is involved. 

Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

Botox and lateral brow

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Botox can be effective in raising the lateral brow in many patients. It depends upon the anatomy and the injector. An evaluation in person is helpful.

Will Botox Really Elevate the Lateral Brow?

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Botox can elevate the outer portion of the brow but it is limited to a few millimeters, in my experience. Depending upon the severity of the brow droop this might be enough or might be inadequate to  create the lift you're looking for. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Botox and brow lift

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Yes botox can give you a brow lift, by injecting the brow depressors. I will have patients try botox as a trial for lifting the brow to doing a endoscopic brow lift in the future.

Terry A. Cromwell, MD (retired)
Lafayette Plastic Surgeon

Botox and Browlifts

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Hi Curiousbutunsure, Often called a "chemical brow lift", injecting a small number of units of Botox or one of the other botulinum toxin based medications into the brow depressor muscles can raise the brow but only slightly, a number of millimeters at most.  Usually this is most noticeable in the tail of the brow[the lateral edge].  For many patients, this is just the correction they desire to improve the appearance of their eyes.

A consultation and examination with a plastic surgeon can determine if Botox will give you the desired results or is a more aggressive treatment needed.  Hope this helps. 

Botox Browlift

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Botox can definitely lift the lateral aspects of the eyebrows and 90% of the patients in my practice who get Botox get it for the brow benefits. Sometimes we have to treat the forehead as well to minimize 'spocking' of the brow when the outside of the brow is treated but sometimes it can be difficult to tell who needs that so I recommend my patients come back in 2 weeks for a complimentary touch up if they need it.

Some patients have heavier brows than others and those patients can still benefit from a botox browlift but they may not have the same lift as someone with thinner brows. If nothing else, the muscles that pull the brow down will be relaxed so the brow doesn't descend any further. Heavier brows are present in men and usually individuals with thicker skin such as brown skin types.

Botox brow lift

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Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin all can be used to create a temporary lateral lift for the brow if injected properly with an adequate doseage, as long as the brows are not too heavy, and the forehead muscle tone is not compromised (ie too much Botox in this area). The effect is pleasing especially in the female patient.

Botox for Brow lift

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Botox is an excellent choice for lifting the brows.  Of course it is temporary, but most patients love it.  Another nonsurgical option is Ultherapy.  Take care, Dr. Groff

Botox to elevate lateral brow

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If you place your finger over the lateral brow and frown, you will feel a downward pull under your finger.  Injecting Botox/Dysport/or Xeomin into the muscle that creates this downward pull will neutralize the pull from this muscle allowing your forehead muscles to pull upwards on the brow without opposition.  This will create the lift that you want in your lateral brows.  Care must be taken not to rub this area after injection so that the Botox does not get into the muscle which lifts your upper eyelid.  If this happens, you could have a droopy eyelid for awhile.

Botox for brow area

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Botox can smooth areas of wrinkling in the glabella and can be used in many other ways to soften existing wrinkles and/or prevent future ones. I would recommend scheduling a consult with a physician to discuss what would be best for you. Best of luck!

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