Botox Effectiveness: Three Treatments over Four Years, Three Different Outcomes?

As empirical data is the best 'measurement', I am sharing direct observation and experience with botox. Husband's first treatment, administered by nurse injector, to deep glabellar lines: was 100% effective (20 units I believe). 2nd treatment, by a dermatologist, 3 years later, FAILED 100%. 3rd treatment, by a cosmetic surgeon, 9 months subsequently, provided a modicum of effect. Over 40 units was administered to glabella and forehead. Many variables..any insights or recommendations? Thank you.

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Botox results can differ with each injector

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There's a few things to note here. 1. If your husband was happy with the first injector, why switch? 2. Each injector will have his or her own technique, so without knowing the techniques, yes, things will be different, though each should have some notable outcome. 3. Botox effects depend on the number of units, the technique, the placement, the dilution of the Botox, etc. 4. Is your husband's health changing at all? 5. Many of the statements you posted were unclear "I believe, 'over' 40 units, 'failed' " these are vague terms and not helpful in determining what happened unless we know specifics. 6. Remember that Botox isn't magic. Just because one injects Botox into the face, the Botox doesn't know where to go on its own. It's up to each injector to do the proper dosage, placement, dilution, etc. The bottom line is that if your husband preferred the first injector, he should return to that person. If you like something and got good results, don't switch it up!

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