Botox is Dangerous, Botox is Toxic, Botox Has Ruined Lives. How Many Will It Take?

Although the % is small the reality is that Botox is a deadly toxin- poison. Why do the Drs. denie this to be true. Why is it that the U.C.S.D & U.C.L.A Drs. are they only med pros. that honor their oath to help mankind. While others lie and try to hide the dangers of botox. Is it $,it seems to be. Each and every day Drs. of all specialized pratices become promoters and injectors of botox. With the #s increasing so rapidly it will only be a matter of time. Will u be their to help?

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Botox is Safe

Hello.  If we eliminated all drugs that could hurt or kill us when used incorrectly, a great many would not unavailable.  The truth of the matter is that Botox Cosmetic has a better safety record than Aspirin so we are not sure where you are getting your information.  

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Not all toxins are "dangerous". Be educated.

While botulinum toxin is the deadliest naturally occurring toxin, it has had many uses in both cosmetic and medical forays. The toxin is extracted from the bacteria Clostridium. It then gets processed and different grades are made so that medical uses can performed. The concentration that is used is much less than the lethal dose. The many medical benefits are: increased sweating, cervical dystonia, migraine headaches and finally the removal of wrinkles. It is not right to stick to the term "toxin" and take it for its namesake. There are many drugs that are extracted from strains of deadly bacteria. Penicillin itself is a fungus. Nitrates used for heart attacks are derived from the explosive nitroglycerin, but that doesn't mean that we're injecting deadly material in our patients. It is thus important to know and be educated on the name, the uses and the doctors qualifies to use them.

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Botox is safe

The truth is that many drugs on the market can hurt or kill people, especially when they are used incorrectly. Even "safe" drugs like OTC aspirin, Advil, cough medicine etc. are potentially dangerous. Botox Cosmetic has an extremely safe record when its used by experienced physicians. The problem is that in the world of medicine many people try to find ways to supplement their incomes by doing things they shouldn't, like injecting Botox or fillers when they aren't trained enough or properly. I'm not sure where you are getting your USC/UCLA factoids because I was trained at USC and have gone to UCLA for many cosmetic conventions - and many experienced and ethical physicians come from schools across the world. It doesn't matter which school we went to, though, those of us who are trained and educated properly can safely inject Botox.

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All drugs are poisons, it is just a question of dosage.

Two aspirins cure a headache but a bottle of aspirin can kill you.  All medications share this reality which is why society regulates what drugs are available, on what basis, and who can prescribe them.  It is the duty of physicians and surgeons to understand these drugs, their indications, potential side effects, and appropriate dosages.  Drugs vary in their toxicity.  The therapeutic index of a drug is the ratio between a lethal dose and a therapeutic dose.  The larger the ratio the safer the drug.  Botulinum toxin products such as BOTOX, Dysport, and Xeomin have very large therapeutic indexes certainly for cosmetic purposes.  However, for the muscle disorders, this index is narrower.  Deaths have occurred in certain at risk individuals, particularly very sick young people with difficult to treat muscle contractions.  For this reason, these products carry an FDA black box warning.  Even for cosmetic purposes, certain individuals are more sensitive to systemic side effects of these drugs.  While these individuals are rare, it is advised that they avoid these drugs once it is clear that they are sensitive to the drugs.  Many of the so-called adverse "long term" reactions reported on the internet are unsubstantiated and honestly improbable.  The reality is that when a drug is used on 12 million people a year, there are going to be some unanticipated consequences.  It is no exaggeration to state that clinical botulinum toxin has proven itself as a very important treatment for a growing array to maladies.  WIth few exceptions, we hare fortunate to have access to such a successful and powerful agent.  While we at UCLA and UCSD appreciate being singled out for our ethics, I respectfully suggest that all physicians are very concerned with the well being of the public and their patients.  Perhaps you have had an adverse reaction to one of these products, which is unfortunate.  However, generally we are now better off having access to this powerful drug.  No drug is perfect.  Every drug takes thoughtful consideration in its use.  Botulinum toxin is no different.

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