Will Botox Bring a Visible Difference to my Jawline? (photo)

hi.i feel my jawline has no definition at all.my right jaw looks more rounded than the left one.it's not due to fat since I'm towards the lower range of ideal weight for my height.I've been to a cosmetic surgeon's for a consult and he said that my plumper jaw is not a bone problem but a muscle problem.he suggested i get botox shots but i am not sure whether botox will actually improve the 'appearance' of my jawline.will it bring symmetry to my lower face?

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Botox - can it decrease full cheeks?

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The masseter muscle, which helps to clench your jaws, can be treated with botox if it is very bulky. The masseter can be easily felt, if you clench your teeth, and feel between the arch of the cheekbone and the angle of the jaw, it makes a vertical line. The front is about three finger widths away from the front of your ear. If you clench your teeth, do your full cheeks bulge? Then they are more muscle, and the botox will help. If there is little change, the botox injections are unlikely to help. Looking at your photo, some of your cheekiness is definitely to far forward to be the muscle. Ask your plastic surgeon to evaluate you for buccal fat pad removal - that may be more helpful to you.

Jawline refinement and Botox

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Botox can be used in the masseter muscle to subtly decrease their volume.  But first you need to be sure that is indeed what is causing your asymmetry and lack of jawline definition.  Botox for this use works best as part of a longer term commitment, where you see better results as you continue to inject the muscle over a series of botox durations (each injection will work 3-6 months).  So don't just jump in with one botox session and assume you get all the potential.  

Sometimes restoring volume in certain sites along the jawline is a better answer, or potentially even a surgical procedure. Keep in mind that we all have asymmetry to the width and definition along the jawline, and it appears like you have a wider, more sculpted appearance on your right side.  That could mean softening the right with botox,  strengthening the left with volume, or both. 

Botox and facial contour

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Botox injected deep into the masseter muscles (jawline area) will decrease the strength and size of the muscle, resulting in a sometimes aesthetically pleasing contour. For you, meeting with a well-trained and experienced injector will allow them to assess your specific needs and provide you with options.

Jawline fullness can be caused by several factors

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Thank you for the question and photos.  Your jaw asymmetry can be caused by either bone , fat, parotid gland, or masseter muscle asymmetry.  Obviously, botox will only help correct asymmetry resulting from the masseter muscle.  It will have to be performed several times and continued if the correction is to be accomplished and maintained.

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Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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Botox for jawline

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Botox can be a useful treatment for reducing the bulkiness and size of the masseter muscle, a common problem in some eastern europeans and Asian populations. Make sure to have your treatment with someone experienced with this treatment.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

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