Can Too Much Botox or Botox Put in the Wrong Area End Up Smoothing Too Much and Show Bone Imperfections?

I am not sure if my doctor put too put in, but now I can see a small shadow of an indentation on my forehead. I have always had a separation in my skull-like it never fully closed. Is it that because she used too much and it is so smooth that now you can see it? So irritating! What can be done? Should she avoid that area? Should I get a filler for that area? Thanks!

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Can Botox show bone imperfections

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Usually what happens is that when the muscles are smoothed by Botox, you don't get so much shadowing on the face. This is why some people say they look "shiny" after Botox. It's because there isn't muscle movement and therefore no lines to create shadowing. If you are now hyper-aware of your indentation on your forehead, you could have it filled in with a filler, though this area takes a good amount of skill so make sure you see someone with good injection experience in this specific area.

Botox Injections

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No Botox injections will not show bone imperfections. You should visit your injector for a follow up, and recommendation.

Jhonny Salomon, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon

"Too smooth" after Botox. . .

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It is possible that you were distracted from the bone irregularity before the Botox by the horizontal lines caused by movement of the frontalis muscle.  With this muscle relaxed, you are able to "see" the bone irregularity without distractions.  I have had a number of patient's with this issue in the past, and I have used filler successfully.  Options are: of course-

1. hyaluronic acid filler like Restylane, Perlane or Juvaderm.  This lasts approximately 9 months to a year in this area

2. Radiesse: more long-lasting, but much more swelling and down time after injection

3. Permanent filling with something like hydroxyapetite cement.  This is permanent.  BUT, it requires an incision in the scalp, requires a trip to the Operating room, is more expensive, and carries a slightly higher risk of infection over your lifetime.


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Too Smooth?

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Botox only effects the muscle over the bone.  Botox in that area should not have made any "bone" or skull imperfection more noticeable as you are talking about two different areas not related to one another.  I would follow up with your injector and express your concern, she or he can give you best recommendations moving forward.  Good Luck!

Hannah Vargas, MD
Kansas City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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