Botox for Back Pain?

I have chronic pain in lower back hip and buttocks as a result of an accident and two major corrective hip and back surgeries. It has left me with major nerve damage and chronic pain three years later. My Pain management Dr. has recommended Botox injections at trigger points in my back. WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS, PROS AND CONS OF THIS PROCEDURE AS MY INSURANCE WILL NOT PAY FOR THEM?

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Use of Botulinum toxin for low back pain: insurance reimbursement

Your best bet to get an answer to your compensation questions is to ask your physician about his/her experience with reimbursement. This can vary from carrier to carrier. While it may be an effective solution, the lack of approved indications for this purpose can be used as justification by third payors to deny payment. 

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Botox for back pain

Botox if injected in to the correct muscles of the back, may be helpful for spasms. It is important to know what is exactly causing the chronic pain, and also realize that the neurotoxin will only last 3-4 months (large doses may be required- and you should get an experienced physician injector). A consultation with your back physician on the cost effectiveness of such procedure would be wise.

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Botox for back pain

Botox may be used for back spasm but I would go to a back specialist to direct it to the appropriate trigger points.

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