Relaxin As Botox Alternative?

If I am immune to Botox, could Relaxin be the only chance for me to get rid of the wrinkles? Thank you.

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Reloxin not yet available in the U.S.

Your question actually has two parts. First, when you say you are "immune" to the effects of Botox, does that mean it just doesn't work as well? The reason I ask is that there are some people who actually make antibodies to the toxin, which neautralizes it; other people simply need higher doses over time to get the same effect.

The second psrt has to do with Reloxin as an alternative. Botox is actually 3 protein molecules, one of which is the actual toxin, while Reloxin has the toxin and one additional protein. So if you have antibodies to the toxin, you will have the same problem with Reloxin, but if the one protein is the culprit then it could work. In any case, Reloxin is not quite yet available in the U.S. but is expected to be within a few months. The only way to know will be to give it a try.

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Alternative to Botox not being effective

Botox has been the gold standard by which wwe judge all other injectible toxins. If you have developed a reason why your body is not responding effectively to Botox, then the alternative may work since it is not exactly the same molecule.

Barry E. DiBernardo, MD
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Reloxin as Botox alternative.

Dr. Baxter gives a nice summary of the similiarities and differences between Reloxin and Botox (both botulinum toxin type A).

If you truly have developed antibodies to Botox (pretty rare, particularly with the the low doses used for cosmetic purposes, i.e. less than 100 units), Myobloc which is botulinum toxin type B (a different protein molecule) might be an effective option.

Good luck.

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