Botox Before Active FX?

Hi! I am having Active FX in September for my acne scars and improve my skin, however I have strong muscles that create glabellar lines that make me look angry--I'm 24 years old and quite happy most of the time! So I have booked in for baby Botox. My question is: is it okay for me to have the Botox before laser treatment or should I leave it until after? Also, is it ok for me to have the Botox at a relatively young age or will it do more harm than good in the long term? Thanks very much! B

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Botox best before laser skin rejuvenation

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Botox is ideal to inject prior to your planned active FX treatment. In the areas of muscle movement Botox can be used to relax those muscles and keep the skin from wrinkling with the action of the muscles. Those when you have your laser skin rejuventation, the effects of the collagen remodeling induced by the laser will not be diminished by the repetitive movement and creasing of the skin. I liken it to trying to make a bed with smooth, tight sheets but your dog keeps jumping on the bed creating creases in your newly made bed. The same is true for the skin overlying the areas of active muscle movement - forehead, between the brows, crow's feet - you can receive a lot of laser treatments but as long as that skin is being creased by repetitive muscle movement - the wrinkles will remain.

Botox before laser resurfacing is a great idea

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What you describe is not an uncommon situation. Many people undergoing laser resurfacing for lines want to get the best results possible, that is the smoothest skin and removal of the most lines possible. Many patients go through expensive procedures with significant healing time and find that because they have such strong facial muscles that they begin to make new lines soon after the procedure despite having an adequate treatment.

I usually encourage patients to get botox 1-2 weeks prior to a laser resurfacing procedure. It is primarily beneficial for the crow's feet but can also be helpful for the mid-forehead or glabella.

The way it works is by weakening those strong muscle contractions that tend to form lines in the same place over time. This allows time for the new collagen to be made and the skin to tighten without those deep contractions trying to make new lines. Botox will last for 3 months, the most critical time for new collagen production and with continued maintanence every 3-6 months patients will help maintain the beautiful smooth skin that they received from the laser resurfacing.

It is a winning combination.

Edgar Franklin Fincher, MD, PhD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

YES Botox prior to your Acitve Fx may be a good idea

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Having the muscle that makes the wrinkle relaxed while you are healing from the Active FX may be a good idea. In the weeks and months after your Active FX your skin will be making new collagen. Minimizing the ability to scowl or make crows feet lines may optimize your result. Usually it makes sense to have the Botox treatment a week or two prior to the laser treatment

John E. Gross, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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