Botox at 21?

Hello, I am a 21 year old with eyes of a 50 year old. Growing up the black circles kept getting worse as well as the hollowness of my eyes. My brows keep dropping and i have tried fillers that would last me for 10 months or so. I am wondering now if Botox would help me achieve better results. My biggest concern is my age. Is it recommended to start now ?

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Botox at 21?

Botox is a great alternative to help prevent future line/wrinkles and give you a great brow lift but wouldent help with dark circles. I would suggest you seek a reputable board certified physician to give you an honest evaluation and provide you with a conservative natural look

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Botox At Age 21

Dear Nadz22, if your problem is dark circles around the eyes & hollowness of the eyes, then probably Botox will not be of help. It can help with some lifting of the brows, & lines around the eyes, regardless of age. Your young age, per se, is not a contraindication for Botox. However, your dermatologist, ophthalmologist, or plastic surgeon would be best to judge, upon examining you.

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Botox most effective as a preventative measure

Botox is most effective when it is used preemptively to prevent the formation of deep lines and wrinkles. Once deep lines and wrinkles have formed, Botox alone may not be enough to eliminate them completely.

While the age at which Botox is appropriate varies from individual to individual, based on your description it seems you may be a candidate to begin treatment with Botox. With an experienced injector, you should be able to achieve nice results while maintaining a natural appearance.

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