Have Been Getting Botox Every 10 Weeks Since 2009, but in 2011 a Line Appeared Across my Forehead Anyway. Why? (photo)

Read this before you answer: I am depressed, and I live and work alone, so my facial expressions are minimal. I have no crows' feet at all, despite not ever getting Botox there. So the line is not from expression. And my brows are not droopy either, so it is not from trying to keep my field of vision clear. I spent all that money and still ended up with a line visible in photographs. Can you think of any other explanation? Please dig deep. The Botox does freeze the muscles as advertised.

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Problem with line in forehead after botox

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There are different types of lines and it would be necessary to examine your line(s) in person to determine its depth, texture and relation to the surrounding muscle movement. It might be that the last treatments didn't treat the same areas as prior treatments missing some muscle activity.

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Horizontal Forehead Line Despite Botox

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Botox improves or eliminate lines of animation. If the line is present at rest, fillers are the best treatment.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Line appears despite Botox

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I wish there was a clear answer to your question.  It's difficult to say what may or may not be happening based on the information you've given.  Every 10 weeks is quite frequent.  It would be great to know where the Botox was being injected and how much was being used each time. Botox keeps us from making certain facial expressions, whether we do so consciously or not.  Even if you work and live alone, it's possible to make expressions you may not be aware of when you work on the computer, read, talk on the phone, etc. Have you discussed this concern with the provider injecting your Botox? Perhaps they can alter the amount being injected or where they are injecting it.

Good luck~

Dr. Grant Stevens

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Botox lines

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Botox does not stop the aging process but works as a paralytic agent. Botox lasts up to six months, especially in the younger patient population, so I do not understand why you have had treatment with thus degree of frequency. You may want to explore combining Botox with one of the facial fillers to achieve the improvement you desire.

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