Both Nipples Still Indented Where Scar is from Breast Augmentation After 2 Procedures?

I original had silicon implants (I noticed then the nippes started to indent) I had them replaced 4 yrs later with saline due to capsulization. I still had the indents the plastic surgeon suggest having additional tissue added to build up the scar wall. I did however, I still have indented nipples. I have seen 2 plastic surgeons-1st says it's 'scar tissue attached to the muscle, 2nd says is the way I heal and even putting in surgical tape behind scar is only a temp fix. Help!!! Arizona

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Scas indenting

Without an exam it is difficult to say why you had indentation.  Sometimes scar revision may improve this issue.

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It can be fixed

The scar from this incision extends deep to the

capsule of the implant, causing the scar to pucker, or indent.

the more you go through it, the more scar.

Solution:  fat grafting with percutaneous release.

We do this all the time for double bubble and periareolar scar 



See the link.  Best-


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