What can be done to make both breasts even following a capsuleoctomy? (Photo)

I had a capsuleoctomy and breast implant exchange in my left breast 5 weeks ago as i had capsular contracture. Beforehand both breasts were level but the capsuled one was hard and ball like... now ive had my capsuleoctomy (my left breast, your right), my breast hangs lower and i look lopsided. Surgeon said all she can do is remove skin underneath but its not guranteed to make much difference :( What are my options? I feel like the implant is slightly too low in the pocket compared to the right?

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Asymmetrical Following a Breast Implant Revision

Breast #revision surgery is more difficult, complicated, and requires more time than primary surgery. Capsular contracture may recur regardless of surgeries being performed at this time and may require additional surgeries. There is as much as a 40% chance!!! that additional surgery will be needed following this operation. Also, any asymmetries regarding the folds under your breasts will not be totally corrected. 

Being it's only 5 weeks after your revision, it's best to wait and see if it will improve. After all, #asymmetry following any breast procedure is not at all uncommon. Each #breast heals at a different pace than one another. One breast may swell more, feel more uncomfortable, or have a different initial shape. After complete #healing, they should be more similar and natural. 

#Healing will continue for 2-3 months. But, it can be up to one year see your final result. Your doctor may also require you to move or massage the implants within the breast pockets during the #postoperative period. (#Textured implants do not require breast massage.) Meantime, you must have patience. However, if there are any causes of concern, ask questions of your surgeon or their nursing staff. 

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Revision needed

Removing skin from under the breast will not do anything to help your problem, which is that the left implant has dropped too far after the capsulectomy. What you need is a tightening procedure of the new inner capsule that would lift the implant back up. This can be done with sutures alone or with a piece of silk mesh called SERI. It is usually very successful. 

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Strattice with capsulectomy for implant support

With a capsulectomy, the supporting envelope - the scar capsule - is removed, so there is the potential for the implant to sag. Strattice can replace the support, add coverage for less rippling, and is also very effective in my experience at preventing recurrence of capsular contracture. If there are no signs of the contracture coming back, another option would be SERI Scaffold mesh for an internal bra.

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