How to Fix Botched Upper Eyelid Surgery?

My left eye won't close completely as stated by one ocularplastic surgeon suggests pinching the outer corner. Another recogized the lid upturn exposing sensitive underlid area which is causing extreme discomfort, but he won't lower the lid area above the lash rim - that he might lower it to much.I believe the original opthomologist took off to much skin and only a skin graft will solve the problem. The right eye has the opposite problem tighter, smaller. I need an honest evaluation and repair

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Blepharoplasty revision

There are many issues here related to anterior, middle or posterior lamellae excess or deficiencies that can only be assessed in person. Repair could involve skin grafts, cartilage grafts, skin flaps, muscle rearrangment or tendon suspension, etc.

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Blepharoplasty revision

As Dr. Placik has said, yours is a complicated situation and without photos, no real comments can be made other than to be evaluated by your doctor plus some other well-qualified ones in your area.  

These may include plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, and ophthalmologists all of who can have expertise in eyelid surgery and revision.

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Problems closing the eyes after upper lid surgery

This is a unfortunate, but all to common problem after upper lid surgery.  Hopefully there is not a skin shortage, because in all likelihood, depending on the severity of lagophthalmos (inability to close the lids), you may very well need a skin graft.  Alternatively, you may get better over time, or there may be some medical treatment options for you.  We can even try to raise the lower lids to compensate.  I would recommend you go back to the doctor who did the original surgery, if you can, and work out a plan together.  If he/she can not help you, hopefully you will be referred to an eyelid surgery expert, such as an oculofacial plastic surgeon, and preferably one who has had extensive training in performing repairs of unfavorable upper blepharoplasty outcomes.

Good Luck.

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