Do I Have a Botched Rhinoplasty?

Attached a picture of my old nose. And a picture of my latest nose. I had a revision rhinoplasty 5 days after the first one has there was a dorsal hump on the implant my surgeon created with my ear cartilages. (ears which had a hematoma, cuts, rather battered now) However 3 days on, the dorsal hump, plus I'm concerned that the radix is still too high (I'm asian) and there is an extreme lack of definition from front vprofile. He doesn't use a splint. Do I have a botched job? What can I do?

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Do I have a botched Rhinoplasty

It's unethical for anyone here to advise you while you are a fresh postop Rhinoplasty patient from another surgeon.  You need to have this conversation with your surgeon or seek medical advise and a nasal examination, second opinion, with a qualified Rhinoplasty surgeon in your area.

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Nose issues after rhinoplasty

It is way too early to tell what is going on with your nose.  Give it some time to heal.  If youy have immediate concerns you should talk with your surgeon.

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Revision Rhinoplasty Results

Several aspects of your story are uncommon, especially having a revision surgery 5 days after the first and the fact that no splint was used especially with a dorsal graft. Patience will help reveal exactly what the state of you nose is and you can make a formal assessment of your result. Some aspects will improve and some worsen.  The important thing is to find an experienced surgeon to help you once it is determined that you need a revision procedure. I would consider a second opinion before you return to your original surgeon.

Best of luck

Vincent Marin, MD

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Be patient

It is probably too early to tell. Even if the surgery is not right or perfect, you still need to wait 6-12 months after surgery to do anything safely. Sometimes a little filler, like Restylane or Radiesse, can correct a contour deformity and improve things while you wait it out. Overall it doesn't look botched. Botched, to me, looks like a disaster. You do have a dorsal bump, but time will tell. Generally as swelling goes down the tip will tend to look better, but irregularities on the dorsum will tend to show more.  Hang in there.

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Botched Rhinoplasty

It is too early to have any idea what the final outcome will be for a rhinoplasty.  Give it a few more weeks and if it still does not look better, then discuss it with your surgeon.  Although it takes at least an entire year for all the swelling and remodeling of tissues to take place after a  rhinoplasty procedure, your surgeon should be able to evaluate some of your concerns after 6 to 8 weeks and at least give you an idea of what you can expect as you progress in the healing process. Good luck.

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Early rhinoplasty results

At this time, little can be done to correct a rhinoplasty this soon after the procedure. It is also too early too tell if the results will be less than adequate. I would reconsult with your surgeon to better discuss and address your concerns.

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