Can Botched Rhinoplasties Result in a Removable/fake Nose?

I want a nose job, but I'm so scared of it going wrong. Is it possible to end up with a fake/removable nose like Michael Jackson? What's the likelyhood of ending up with a botched surgery?

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Concern about having botched rhinoplasty

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The fear of ending up with a Michael Jackson nose is actually quite common among patients. The more conservative techniques that are more common these days make such an outcome quite uncommon.

To help prevent such a result I would encourage you to consult with a few board certified facial plastic surgeons or plastic surgeons who have a lot of experience in rhinoplasty. Examine their before and after photos to see that you like their overall results and aesthetic judgement.

Botched nose

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It is extremely unlikely to have that severe a complication with standard rhinoplasty techniques.  It is important to seek a board certified surgeon who is well trained in rhinoplasty surgery.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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