How many years of wear for chin or jaw angle implants to last?

Needing chin and jaw angle implants.a)How many years should one expect these implants and titanium screws to last without infection? B)What can a patient do to help themselves prevent any infection(ie. regular visit to the dentist to make sure there's no tooth decay? Good daily dental hygiene? Try not to catch colds/flu?)c)What type of infections could attack alloplasctic implants?Concerned about infection.

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Chin and Jaw Angle Implants

All facial implants are permanent and never need to be replaced due to mechanical or device breakdown or failure. The only  risk of infection long-term is with the injection of local anesthetics and injectable fillers in or around the implants. As long as you do not develop a tooth abscess, your dental hygiene will have no impact on the risk of infection.

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Jaw and chin implants

Hello! The implants very rarely do get infected, but that typically is shortly after placement if it is going to happen. Implants are designed to be permanent and unlike breast implants, are not replaced. The implants do not communicate with the mouth so routine dental hygiene should not impact them.

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How many years of wear for chin or jaw angle implants to last?

Hi, I have performed many chin augmentations using a chin implant for over 30 years.  Chin augmentation using a chin implant will add projection to the chin creating harmony and balance to the lower face.  I have found that placement of a silastic chin implant, through a small curved incision under the chin (also allows excess skin removal) to be very safe, quick and highly effective.  The implant should last you a lifetime.

The same can't be said of jaw implants that IMHO have too many potential side effects for me to offer them for facial shaping.  I prefer using dermal fillers to shape the jaw line or the mandibular angle for added jaw volume and flare.

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Chin implant procedure

 In our practice, we place patients on antibiotics after a chin implant procedure to prevent infection. Infections are extremely rare after a chin implant procedure. Once the implant is in place, its exceedingly rare to get an infection. We have been using Silastic chin implants for over 25 years with an excellent success rate

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