I have inherited eyelid lower retraction. Do I need cheek lift? I'm 24 (Photo)

Recently I have visited oculoplastic from my city.He told me that I have inherited lower eyelid retraction and I need cheek lift.I read about this problem and other oc recommend cheek augementation.I have problem with this because I also sleep with "open eyes"What should I do?Thanks for response

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Lower lid retraction

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At 24 you need a good physical examination of the lower lids, laxity?  lid retractors? and lateral canthal insertion. this will determine the proper surgical approach. Whether release of the lid retractors is enough or need canthoplasty. At 24 not sure you need a check lift or check augmentation.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Inherited eyelid retraction

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See following link for more details on eyelid retraction. Difficult to tell from the photos. Lower eyelid retraction surgery is possible. The exact technique depends on the anatomy of the patient and goals. 

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