First I was using the strips then I switched over to using scar away silicon pads. Any suggestions?

Hi, I have a couple of questions… It's been six months since my breast reduction (May 21st) and I feel my scars are not healing in anyway. First I was using the strips then I switched over to using scar away silicon pads. Any suggestions... Also these sharp nerve impulses I keep getting in my nipples. Is that a good sign that I am getting sensitivity back?

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Scarring after breast reduction

It does take a year for the scars to reach their final condition and without photos it is impossible to assess whether you are still in the active healing process or something more is happening. You should continue to followup with your plastic surgeon. If the scars are hypertrophic, then steroid injections may be indicated.

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Scars, any suggestions?

Hi Spooky. Scars may reach full maturity at 1 year. If you are six months post op, they may still need some time to heal. If you are using a scar care cream then make sure you are massaging that product into the scar. My suggestion would be to make sure that your PS knows your concerns. He/She may be able to do steroid injections, continue use of silicone sheeting or you may need to have your scars excised and re closed. Have your PS explain all of these options.

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