Surgical bra - how long should this be worn?

How long should this be worn? I'm anxious to get in a supportive sports bra. Thanks!

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No bras for one month

After breast reduction I find no particular advantage to the use of surgical bras. In fact, I find that they can do more harm than good. They can put pressure on the healing breast or the wound. They provide no advantage. If the surgery was performed correctly, external appliances after surgery are unnecessary to achieve the appropriate final result. At one month we allow the patients to wear a soft cup bra with no underwire. At two months, they can wear any bra with a wire without push up. Before three months it is not wise to buy a whole new set of bras. By six months, the bra size is not going to change. You need to try bras on. Being measured is almost never productive and almost always oversizes. Find the ones that you like the way they fit.

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Length of time in a surgical bra.

Different surgeons have different ideas about how long to wear specific garments.  Surgical bras may not be as comfortable as a sports bra, so I have my patients change out of their surgical bra as soon as they wish and into a sports bra..  WHAT is supporting the new incision lines is not as important as the fact there should be support for the new incision lines for up to 4 weeks which is when the incisions are reaching their maximal strength.  Always check with your surgeon about what post op regiment is to be followed. 

Jeffrey M. Darrow, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Surgical bra

I place patients in a surgical bra or sports bra after most breast surgery.  Each doctor is different and it is best to ask your surgeon what he prefers.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Surgical bra - how long should this be worn?

Surgical bra can be used for one week and then you can transition
to a no wire sports bra with opening in the front best of luck
and thank you for your question.

Stephanie A. Stover, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Surgical bra - how long should this be worn?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure. There is no “standard” when it comes to the use of specific bras or garments after breast surgery. In other words, different plastic surgeons may have different practices when it comes to postoperative dressings/bras.
In my practice, patients wake up with a surgical bra in place. This surgical bra, although not attractive, is supportive and used for about one month after surgery (some of my patients have been known to burn the bra ASAP). Then, patients transition to a soft sports bra. Wired bras are used when breast have reached their “final position” and patients have full sensation along the breast skin.
Generally, the longer I have been in practice, the more I appreciate the long term use of supportive bras after all types of breast surgery. This additional support may be especially helpful when patients are lying down and/or engaged in strenuous exercise. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Surgical bra - how long should this be worn?

Thank you for your question.  In my practice, patients switch out from a surgical bra to a sports bra within 1 week after surgery.  This provides more comfort.  Surgeons vary in their postoperative instructions so be sure to check with your surgeon.  Good luck.

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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