Can a Surgeon Deflate Implants and Place New Ones Under Local?

I am 220 ccs, saline dual plane. I want to downsize to 120-160 range or remove. Can a surgeon deflate the implant, and then allow me to make my decision after waiting a few months? If so - and I wanted to reimplant smaller salines, could they do it under local anesthesia comfortably and what is the cost to do it? Is it safe, effective and ethical, or is hospital and general anesthesia the only way to remove shells and replace with salines?

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Deflation of the saline implants.

Yes, I do believe it would be possible to fully the saline implants several months prior to your procedure. Depending on several factors such as scarring around the implants, as well as her general pain tolerance new implants can be placed. You may also consider some oral sedation and/or some intravenous sedation with appropriate nursing and or anesthesia providers bike while being fully monitored

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Yes, deflate and replace under local anesthesia

I have performed this procedure many times under local, as long as there are no other issues such as capsular contraction, implants being too lateral or medial, etc.  

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Removal of saline implants

Once you remove the saline implants, the capsule or tissue around the implant will contract down. To replace implants at a later date, the surgeon will need to reopen the space for the implant. You might look back at older photos, especially those in a bathing suit, before you had implants and see if you like that size. You will not be that exact size because of age, surgey, and pregnancy, but it still might give you an idea of what you may be like after removal of the implants. I would suggest having smaller implants inserted at the time of surgery to avoid the shrinkage. Implants can be removed under local anestheia in the office if you desire later.

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Can a Surgeon Deflate Implants and Place New Ones Under Local?

          The implants can be deflated.   When they are deflated, the pockets will contract.  When the new implants are placed, the pockets will need capsulotomies to open the contracted pockets.  This can be painful and usually needs more than local.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentations and breast augmentation revisions each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Deflate and Place new Saline Implants Under Local Anesthetic

As long as you are OK with a local anesthetic procedure, and it is done under sterile conditions by an experienced plastic surgeon, the plan you describe is reasonable. I have deflated saline implants for patients who are unsure about replacement or breast lift and it makes the choice easier in some cases. 

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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Deflate implants and then augment later on under local/

It is possible to deflate implants in the office. I would recommend replacing implants under general or deep sedation to make it more comfortable.

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Deflating Saline Breast Implants and Type of Anesthesia for Re-augmentation?

It is certainly possible to deflate saline breast implants in the office and wait several months prior to making any additional decisions.  I have done this in the practice several times.

In my practice, I would re augment the breasts under general anesthesia.  Doing so in this fashion will allow for maximal patient comfort and provide me with the ideal scenario to adjust breast implant pockets and achieve patients' goals while  leaving concerns such as patient comfort and immobility etc. to board-certified anesthesiologists.

 Hope this helps.

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Can a Surgeon Deflate Implants and Place New Ones Under Local?

I have occasionally deflated implants prior to downsizing, but only on the day of surgery. It is quite simple to immediately replace with smaller implants. After a few months,  the capsule around the implant shrinks, and the replacement can be more difficult than a primary enlargement, and would require some form of sedation or systemic anesthesia. 

The implant exchange even if done under local anesthesia should be done in an approved operating room.

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Saline implants

One can deflate saline implants. The deflated implants will have buckled sdges that can poke through the skin if left for long time. That also depends on the thickness of the tissue.

Replacing the implants can be done under local anesthesia or local with sedation in an accrideted office facility.

Samir Shureih, MD
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