At what state of Invisalign treatment one should know to introduce rubber band as a part of treatment - 6/12/18/24 months?

I am into second year of Invisalign treatment and so far it's okay clearing my crowded teeth. Final 14 more sets to go. But my bite is just not right for past few months or more. Only the front few teeth touches when I bite. Rest of them just won't. Chewing sounds comes out like a rubber in between. It looks like I have to put rubber band to get lower teeth come inside to fix the bite. Does this sound right to do at this stage? Do I need to worry about my treatment?

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Rubber Bands

There is not a hard rule about when or even if rubber bands should be used with Invisalign treatment.You absolutely should be consulting with your Invisalign dentist! Remember, Invisalign treatment, like traditional braces, is based on completing treatment. You are not yet done,  so everything is not where it should be. It is a concern, however, if we now have joint noises that we did not previously have (if I understand correctly your description). Definitely, make a special appointment to see you Invisalign dentist to discuss your concerns!  

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