My smile downturns, protruding chin, TMJ, and can only show teeth by looking unnatural. (photos)

I am working with ortho to expand upper teeth with rubber device. And invisalign on lower teeth to correct TMJ but really want a better smile and wondering how to get it since there are so many things wrong about my smile.

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Smiling in Boston

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Hi there!

You want a better smile.  You are working with an orthodontist already.   You have not mentioned who your smile design dentist is.  I recommend that you have a quarterback, a "keeper of your vision", a qualified smile design dentist who can oversee everything.  With a multi-factored plan, you want that expert on your side to manage for your final outcome - your beautiful smile!  That is what is next.

Have you searched the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ( website to see who the Accredited cosmetic dentists are in your area?  Interview as many as you need to to find the one who you can work with who sees the whole picture.  Then work the plan. It might take months, even years. That is OK! You want someone who can do the following for you (follow the link.)  And you can always come to New Haven.  We do this all the time.  Either way, we wish you good luck.  You can have the smile you have always deserved!

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